Certified Specialist In Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law By The Ohio State Bar Association

Sophisticated Estate Planning Strategies For Larger Estates

A simple will and beneficiary designations are sufficient for some people to pass along their assets. But some estates require purposeful planning and novel solutions to protect family wealth and assure an orderly and efficient transfer to the next generation.

Dayton attorney Mike Conway is highly equipped to customize those solutions for large and complex estates. He is a certified specialist in estate planning, trust and probate law, with 45 years of focused experience. At the Law Office of W. Michael Conway, he has assisted many high net worth individuals and families in Dayton, in the Miami Valley and statewide.

Complex Estates Require A Different Toolbox

Mike has helped thousands of clients create comprehensive estate plans, including wills, powers of attorney and living wills. Depending on your asset base, you may need more advanced strategies. Mike is well-versed in complex assets and scenarios, such as:

  • High-end homes and vacation properties
  • Business succession and business valuation
  • Treasury notes and treasury bonds
  • Corporate and municipal bonds
  • Stocks and deferred compensation (stock options)
  • Cryptocurrency holdings
  • Art, jewelry and valuables

He can help you choose the appropriate vehicles and methods, which might involve both revocable and irrevocable trusts, spendthrift trusts to control inheritance, charitable trusts to endow your favorite causes, annual gifting allowances and asset protection strategies.

Tax Planning And Estate Planning Go Hand In Hand

In addition to being certified in estate law by the Ohio State Bar Association, Mike is a non-practicing CPA (certified public accountant). That value-added skill set helps him identify many tax opportunities that others might miss. For example, the sale of assets can change your tax situation, but there may be offsets if other transactions are matched up and timed appropriately.

Complex Estate Administration, Too

The Law Office of W. Michael Conway also handles probate and estate administration. The bigger the estate, the more likely there are to be legal complexities such as challenges to the will or ancillary probate in another state. We have handled trust and estate administration of multimillion-dollar estates.

Work With A Certified Estate Planning Specialist

You are invited to a complimentary consultation. Mike Conway will personally meet with you and customize your estate plan. Whether you have built significant wealth or recently inherited, he can guide you to the right solutions for your portfolio. Call his Dayton office at 937-741-3988 or use the online contact form to arrange a convenient time.